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Arz Hai.


Aaj kal waqt ka hee pata nahin chalta,
kahan say aata hai kahan chala jaata hai.
Kuch saansein lo, idher udher daikho
din khatam ho jaata hai.
Aisey lagta hai kissi cheez ka intezaar hi nahin karna parta
Waqt khud bakhud ussey lay aata hai.

I have been meaning to post for sometime now but haven’t been quite getting the time.
If this remains the situation I may not pass my exams, I wouldn’t know when they come and go: giving me only time to hang on the underside of passing marks.
Also, I didn’t know what to post, so this is a post about not being able to post anything and also having nothing to post. Pretty good, eh?


Author: Hani

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8 thoughts on “Arz Hai.

  1. hani kia baat ha situation tu last year sa bhi buri lagrahi ha ab tu ma bhi nahi hoon wahan..hmmm

  2. situation waqai kharab hai, it is all the fault of the guys running the classes…

    Iam feeling angry now a days, really angry, you know “pissed off”, phatney ko hoon!

    Akela mara para hoon Qatar mein!!

  3. yes i know yaar ya jo bar bar teachers change karahain hain ya pagal loog in ko koi pochta nahi ha kia….situation
    tu kafi tense ha….
    arey nahi yaar don’t be angry same situation mera saat bhi ha ma bhi pissed off hi rehta hoon most of the time….
    don’t worry bro april inshallah u wont be alone just keep yourself relax aur study ka i’ll help you inshallah in anyway i can ok.

  4. Hani – i really liked the poetry. And im sorry you are so upset and down. But youve got to give your studies time. And you have friends who are willing to help you.

    Anything i can do to help, all the way from Dubai, lemme know.

  5. Watersprite:Thanks for the helping hand, I have current help in Qatar too.
    But the problem is “in class”, if I miss a day in class, and the next day I go, no class fellow of mine is willing to help me.And I hate that.
    I do have plans to start my preparations from next month.
    oh yeah thanks forliking the poetry too..oh by the way..if you have some left over patchis at home and when you are flying to Khi, drop some when the plane passes over Qatar,will ya?

  6. Well you seem to have some really mean class-mates. Why on earth wont they help you? Tell you what, ask the professor. I am honestly u telling you. Every teacher has an outline of the lecture, just go and ask.

    And ill throw the Patchis down like confetti when passing over Qatar. i dont think we take that route though.

  7. My classmates wont help me because they are Mallus that’s why.
    I have been on good terms with everyone, I had a couple of mallus which were understanding in the first year,but they aren’t attending classes this year.ANd guess what the mallus not attending the classes didn’t mix up with the mallus which don’t help me.So you can see what kind of the people these mallus studuing with me will be
    (because mallus stick to each other like glue).

    and don’t think this is a university I am going too, it is just an instituition offering courses. There are no proffessors that teach us, only teachers (i.e, non phd holders)

  8. Bugger the Mallus! Sorry am saying it, but they are making me mad! They tend to do that, bias!

    Even if your teachers are just that, get an outline from them when u miss classes. Am serious.

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