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Life is better handled, prepared.

Saying Days.


Insaan ko agar woh sab kuch milnay lagey jo who chahey to yeh zindagi, zindagi na rahey.
Aur agar woh maut chahey aur ussay maut miley toh uss kay liyay to WAQAIEY zindagi, zindagi na rahey.


Author: Hani

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11 thoughts on “Saying Days.

  1. Never thought of that. Interesting.

  2. This post has been removed by the author.

  3. Good thing we don’t always get what we want:)

  4. oyee hoyee
    Gehri baatain
    but very true

  5. but isnt death expected?

    And shouldnt that expectation lead to a richer life?

    I know what you mean and its so very true. Lots if depth. Needs and wants escalating to the point of the bizarre.

  6. ager ensan ko saab kuch mangte hi mel jahe tu phi Allah ko koon yaad rake ga…kon raaton ko ut ut kar us se apni hajatain kahe…. kon us ka sukar ada kare

    aur wesa bi moot magna bi haram hai……so yeh tawako karna ke moot ki dua mangne se puri ho jahe gi tu esa nahi hota….

  7. oh abt the cross on ice sktin….

    well actually i couldnt go for ice skting cuz of ma stupid exams n all ma frds were going….

  8. wah ! wah !! waaah ! 😛

  9. kiya baat hay hani sahab..what enlightening conclusions you’ve managed to reach..:P

  10. That was a sarcastic type of humor! How are you?

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