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Am I Lonesome Tonight?


If God wants me to be lonely, I am making sure that I stick to this situation.
(I am not calling my 2 friends residing in Qatar, unless they let me know that they think that I am alive).

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Author: Hani

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11 thoughts on “Am I Lonesome Tonight?

  1. awwww….tsk ! tsk ! πŸ™‚

  2. You can never be lonely. Thats a FACT.

  3. aren’t guys supposed to be like that…unattached sey..
    just call them up and make a cricket ka plan

  4. I don’t play cricket.
    They don’t have time for me, as simple as that!

  5. Sometimes all this time on your hands is good for you. Depends if you are going to whine about the stuff thats not happening or look at the positive side and say let me try something else.

    Find activity groups yaar – u dont have to hang with ppl who dontt have the same interests.

    Allah (SWT) isnt to be blamed, youve got to try and meet more ppl in Qatar.

  6. Or you can just listen to Kajra Re. I swear its such a party starter *shrugs*


  7. You don’t play cricket … Thx GOD, otherwise it would have been a great problem to play a match with only 3 people in the field! One on the crease, other on the bowling end and third one on Keeping.

    Do you remember some evil / villain type kids in cartoons, who normally try to poke fun at a good chap of their class … Either by Passing heart-breaking comments, snatching his lunch, breaking his spectacles, tearing his notebooks into pieces of papers, pushing him in the mud or by following him on their β€˜heavy-bikes’ type bicycles – what not and what not!

    Had your friends been of that type, they would have put you on a field for the whole day long and made their way back to their homes without giving you even a single chance to bat.

    Ore Baychara Hani Sara Din Gaind K Peechay Bhagta Rahta

    Haa Haa …. Let me imagine that whole scene again! It’s so peppery πŸ˜›

    Just joking man … come on!

    You need not to contact them. Just wait for the ice to melt. Believe me. Just pay heed to what watersprite is saying!

  8. ohh yaar haniii ! there is always blogging ! hum saare hai na ! πŸ™‚

  9. I don’t know what to say.

    Yes everyone has his share of being bullied, especially the quiet ones.I remember in 3rd grade,there used to be a really healthy guy Ghassan who used to be quiet and no one mixed around with him because he was healthy and also he wasn’t so good in studies.
    There were two brothers who used to force him to give his lunch to them.I felt sorry for him.

    Phew! the cricket scenario, what I would have done is to throw the ball on to the uncovered wicket and go home.

    Finding activity partner is good, but I’d rather have much more common in with a person than one activity!
    plus I don’t usually “break the ice”, I want the other party to do it.

    Now Mayya,please don’t say Break the ice is somewhat related to being Gay.

  10. “Break the ice is somewhat related to being Gay.” —-> aaahahahaha! πŸ™‚

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