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Jal The Band in Qatar.


Okay, Jal the band might perform in Qatar.
When? March 31st. similar news came up a few months back on the Jilawatan website. This time around it is officially mentioned on the, but has been labeled as Not Confirmed. This will be in years that a Pakistani band is to perform in Qatar. The last one in my memory is that of Junoon (which I didn’t attend). I am in doubt whether strings have already performed in Qatar or not.
Last year to commemorate the independence day of Pakistan there were a few artists that were called up namely Ali Sher, Rabbi Perzada (if that is her name) and Hamid Ali.
I don’t know of anyone who listens to either of the 3.Hamid Ali could have some fans in Qatar though. But we would be unthankful if we complained because the entry to that function was free.

Speaking realistically today is the 29th and still I have not seen any advert or mention anywhere, I doubt that the organizers could publish a message through a newspaper today, tomorrow or the day after to attend the Jal concert on the 31st.That is not possible or maybe it is considering the organizer to be bad. None of the bands/artists whose debut albums were released in 2004 have performed in Qatar. I guess the options are few, there is not much demand. Still hoping that Jal does perform in Qatar!

Now, a golden question, the amount we paid to see Bryan Adams was 170 Qrs.
I wonder how many Pakistanis would be willing to pay 100 Qrs. to attend a concert by Atif Aslam or Jal in Qatar. Let’s broaden the horizons here and take the situation to Pakistan.

People paid 2500 rs. to see Bryan Adams in Karachi, but how many would pay 1100 rs. to see Atif Aslam. Okay, so Bryan Adams is an internationally established artist or close to becoming /already is a legendary artist. Yes, but I am not saying to pay 2500 rs. for a Pakistani artist, I am asking less than half that amount.
Are we deteriorating the value of our artists ourselves?


Author: Hani

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27 thoughts on “Jal The Band in Qatar.

  1. If there isn’t any advertisement yet then forget ab concert.

    And i think every body would like to attend the concert of Atif. He isn’t that bad yar. He is quite popular here in town.

    Ticket Price? yar kabhi BMW ore Corolla ki price bhi 1 howi hay????????


    *Signs out*

  2. okay, but which car sells more corolla or bmw?

  3. This post has been removed by the author.

  4. Obviously Corolla!
    And that’s why i am saying : Everbody would like to go for this concert.

  5. I believe Pakistani artists are the best in Asia!
    And I happen to know a Pakistani aritst who is Rolls Royce!

  6. IRIS Presents:
    Grand Musical Evening
    Jal the Band
    Hassan Rana [Holy Shred]
    Many More
    31st of March 2006
    Time:7:30 sharp

    venue: Alhamra Cultural Complex Gaddafi Stadium Lahore

    Tickets Available Rs:250/-
    All Dunkin Donuts Outlets:

    so here’s the scenario socha share this info with you taka clear ho jaya sab..99% chance of the jal concert is on the above location…lets see

    (blue silk):(

    tc M.

  7. what? 31st march in Pakistan..

    WAAA!! WAAA!!!

  8. I talked to Goher yesterday [:P]. He came back from India recently, kah raha tha ke aaj kal he’s very busy -> ab ‘busy’ ka matlab in terms of studies nehi hai, I think ke some Jal concerts are up. I’m pretty sure ke the concerts are located IN Pakistan!

  9. No, way!!

    I am gonna steal your identity.

    Yeh kiya bakwaas hai, concert kay maamlon mein kismet baikaar meri.

  10. Jal performing in Qatar on April 20th and 21st.

    Its confirmed by the man himself, Goher.

    Now Hani you’re allowed to a lil dancing :P.

  11. nothing like atif!

    the BS concert was for 3500 !! i shud know..i had to give away 2 tickets – dil pe pathar rakhke…coz i cudnt make it to khi:(

    aww cmmon yaar ! how can u compare BA with the local band?? puhhleeez!

  12. I am comparing the talent.

    For example Bryan adams hits have mosty been co-written with Vallance.
    Goher writes his own songs.

    Guitar Playing:Keith scott plays good,but Goher plays better guitar that Bryan Adams himself.

    Concert Experience: More Value of the tickets = better equipment

    better equipment= better sound

    better sound= we all know the value of the sound in music.

    so this is the way I compare.

  13. oh subhana, I heard about that one, it’s will call and euphoria!

    But I need more info>!

  14. you will get more info soon.


  15. On some levels i have to agree with your conclusion that we lower the value of our artists, but you need to take into consideration what they feel about their worth.

    The same concerts that take place within Pakistan are so much cheaper than the ones that take place abroad. Ive had to pay Dhs:200 for a Junoon, Strings concert and I paid Dhs: 195 for Bryan Adams. They charge the same when they do shows abroad. Its only in pakistan that the tickets go for less.

    Hey if the info is correct then youd get to hear the bands play in April. 🙂

  16. but you paid for two pakistani artists the same for one western artist.You probably read the thing on psycheds blog: Dubai salary.

    and besides the tickets are cheaper in Pakistan because of the income, now say you earn 3000 dhs, would you be getting 40000 rs, for the same work in Pakistan?

    I think I’ll agree to Gh again EVERYBODY WOULD LIKE TO GO TO THIS CONCERT.In PAkistan, the artists keep on performing, rather than once a year, so automatically as per the rules of supply, the more the supply the less the price.

  17. so is jal gonna perform on 21st or not???

  18. Iam not sure about that ,moon, Iam still waiting for further news regarding the concert.Hopefully this week we’ll get to know whether Jal will or won’t perform.

  19. latest news i heard regarding concert is that jal is gonna perform on 27th april @ palm tree island. now thats really annoying.

  20. palm tree island?

    Now that can’t be possible,that would make only half the crowd come.

    I tink this week we will get to know when the concert will take pplace.

  21. on forums that guy said that there was an article in gulf times. can yew chk the newspaper of thursday and sat? i chked the site but dere was nuthing abt concert. but one thing is confirmd that they are coming on 27th. but i dunno where they will perform.

  22. I’ll try and check the papers if I can get a hold of them.SO far I was just hearing 21 and now it’s 27.
    Probably the palm tree island location for the concert is right too then.

  23. heyyy its confirm now. they will perform @ palm tree island on 27th.

  24. moon,where did you get this confirmed?

  25. okay so it is on the 27th.

  26. hi gohar,farhan & shazi,
    i am frm fantasy island(pari ka desh)
    i love ur songs
    i hate atif because he had stolen your song
    who am i?
    i am the princess of fantasy island?
    where is fantasy island?
    clowds main

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