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Personal Date Upped.


Okay, so one teacher is going on vacation and he was teaching us two subjects leaving us with a substitute teacher for the next couple of months.

Mrs. Intelligence Agency who left work with us didn’t turn out that bad. She brought a couple of her colleagues and we made a little sale. Also she informed another lady that the vacancy was unfilled for the job with us. So she is nice but still I will never be able to get used to her guts.

The referred-to lady was hired and she is a dentist by academics. So I have a doctor working under me, how nice would that look on my resume.
I have an incident to tell regarding her, she calls me by my name Hani (which to people not familiar with the name, as I have said before sounds like honey).
One day her work hours got over and we had two customers, she said, “bye Hani” and I said bye, one of the guy who is looking at something else un tilts his head and looks at me. Seeing this action of his and knowing that he thought she said honey, I quickly retorted “that’s my name by the way”. People having misconceptions about you are one of the worst silent enemies you could have.

The last time I met my future activity partner was on the 1st of March making tomorrow one complete month of not meeting anyone I could hang around with. If anyone of you could have come to Qatar, I would have bought you an edible treat to celebrate the completion of a month.

Furthermore another saddening thing is my decision to have one more Dingle Days (which will also be the last post) before I call it quits for the excuse of studying for my exams. So say for example I publish a Dingle Days comic strip tomorrow that would be my last post before the 30th of June. Whether I study or not during the break is another matter.

Should I be happy?


Author: Hani

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17 thoughts on “Personal Date Upped.

  1. oho dekho, not blogging will not substitute studying will it?

    just keep the posts short, we all need to vent =)

    G`luck for the exams? wesay yeh konsay hain? Alevels?

  2. opps..bad news for me..:(

  3. very funny Mayya, these are my BBA 2nd year exams.maybe if I don’t blog i won’t be able to put the blame on blogging if something happens to the exams.

    Mohsin: why is that bad news for you, I’ll meet you when you come to Qatar.

  4. So you are not gonna comment either??? how are we gonna decide on the zouk thing then???

  5. This post has been removed by the author.

  6. no no bro you must study first blogging tu hoti raha gi….exams are very important also cause muja pata ha exams acha na hova tu tumhara saat kia ho ga :)so inshallah you gonna do great this year also.

    aur haan sab ghar walo ko keh dena ka you will be enjoying full time when mohsin comes.:)

    blue silk(i know you gonna kill me for this coz i keep writing silk everytime:(…]

  7. the confusion is funny..had a girl in my uni called “jaanu”…so whenever registration rolled around in our buss110 class.. our tutor [who was indian] would pause before saying her name…and it always sounded funny..coz he would be so uncomfortable saying it!

  8. ZaG:no i won’t stop commenting, abhi bhi gunjaish hai zouk ki?

    Mohsin:that’s what everyone wants, kay I study and blogging bhi chalti rahey.Let me reply to your blue silk, I have already sent a notification if it is available or not,no reply yet.

    Samay: that’s a good incident,as far as I remember none of the female teachers in school had a problem with my name, but they couldn’t have, cause it would stil be primary school.

  9. G’Luck for exams! U will be missed.

  10. gud luck with the exams…

    but i dont think qyutting blogging will help much! as mayya sez…u can always keep it short!

    waisey…u think u’ll have the will power to stay away from blogging? 😛

  11. ok got it bro..keep track of it..waisa are you ready for enjoyment starting from 26 onwards oh dam did i mention a date…:) hehehe

  12. psyched: now that you talk about will power to stay away from blogging, that is what I lack.
    I couldn’tt even complete the 2 weeks break I wanted.

    Gh:This isn’t the last post I will be posting up and until dingle days comes up.

  13. I visit your blog! 😀

    Well with the ban in Pak-land, am trying to get a hang of going thru the pkblogs so its taking time to get to all my favo bloggers…lol

    Anyways, you do what you feel is best for you. Be selfish for a change. And while studying do try the tips i mentioned. They work!

    So should we be calling you “Honey hani” or “Hani honey”??? 😀

  14. It feels to me that my name is so sweet in itself that it dosen’t need to be sweetened more,like a pet name at home, my name dosen’t need that.

    Like waqas= vicky

    but Hani Honey does sound nice.

  15. Okay so Hani Honey it is! 😀

  16. hani honey – hani jani also sounds cute:)

  17. Cool guestbook, interesting information… Keep it UP
    » »

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