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Excused Break.

This posting has been automatically put up as the final (real) post before the 30th of June 2006.

You might also ask where is the Dingle Days that was supposed to start my break instead of this silly post. I’ve been told to study, study and study by the bloggers. It feels like I am not welcome in the blog world any more. Well here is what you wanted.

Whatever events happen-or-not in my life they will not be posted about or will be delayed until I am back. One such event will be the Jal and Call concert that’s supposed to happen this month.

It also means that there will be no post from my side on 06.06.06.

Also, it means my 100th post will be delayed till my return. Although, it isn’t of any significance but just for the sake of it am I highlighting it.

Could it also mean that spending 2 ½ months away from blogging would lead to a total blogging void in me. But that would have been better if I had already made 100 posts and never have returned.

If there are any people who just can’t get enough of Life Manual, then they could go through the past archives. One post a day and hopefully I will be back before you would have completed the 99 posts (this included).

And yeah not to forget a message:
Don’t blame me for ignoring my readers.

Next Post: In July 2006.
(See you then)


Saying Days 2

I feel much better now than I did when I made the previous post. So here I am getting thoughtful in a more general way. Usually when one is not in the best-o-moods, the expression is influenced by a negativity (i.e. stress) and does come out in a very refrained and very pin-pointy manner but as I said I feel better now I can get back to usual business and so my thought for the day is:

People, who buy things with only the notion of re-sale value, aren’t buying the things for themselves; they are buying them for others.