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Saying Days 2


I feel much better now than I did when I made the previous post. So here I am getting thoughtful in a more general way. Usually when one is not in the best-o-moods, the expression is influenced by a negativity (i.e. stress) and does come out in a very refrained and very pin-pointy manner but as I said I feel better now I can get back to usual business and so my thought for the day is:

People, who buy things with only the notion of re-sale value, arenโ€™t buying the things for themselves; they are buying them for others.


Author: Hani

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9 thoughts on “Saying Days 2

  1. thats why diamonds should always be bought for the pleasure of wearing – and not for resale!! [ its hard to tell customers that though- its a sure fire way of losing a sale]

    in total agreement

    glad to know youre feeling better now..

  2. Welcome back to the cheery side.

    And like all your saying this one holds true too. But not just in material things.

  3. Oh man, I had bought a one way ticket to Mars for u!


  4. So Hani is feeling better now? Good, stay that way.

    And agree to this new saying and also agree with what extiinct says.

    Stay safe

  5. gh, I won’t let your ticket go to waste,I will travel to mars and get my ticket for pluto from there, due to the less distance, I could save some cash.

  6. That’s good, i hope u will keep updating from there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. true – true…

    and hey ! good to hear things are better with u. keep it that way

  8. You are right. To add to it “Those who buy keeping resale value in view have no heart but a steel cabinet inside their chest to keep money”.

  9. Couldnt agree less…..

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