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Saying Days


This world isn’t for me.


Author: Hani

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11 thoughts on “Saying Days

  1. Well this is world is definitely for me! 🙂 Although at times i wish I had been born in a different era – more the past then the future.

    So why isnt this world for you?

    You wanna move to Mars for solitary confinement?

  2. I would rather move farther than mars,man seems to appear close to occupying mars if all the mars footage by NASA isn’t a total bluff.

    Besides, the farther I go the less the sunlight will be and the more I can sleep.

  3. Oh oops, didnt read the last comment :(.

  4. it is for people who have the will power to succeed and make something out of themselves that’s one group of the people.

    and secondly the other group of people the world is for are cheaters, liars, and all other sinners.

    These two can live it like they like in this world.

  5. Well, further off from Mars may not have oxygen, you might as well float in space.

    And I dont think I fall in either category that you mentioned. So what does that make me? And I like this world with both sets of people, there wouldnt be a balance otherwise.

  6. I can fit you in the first category, you are a single woman and you are handling the daily grind of work and are happy about it!

  7. and i say………..

    im a misfit in this world !

  8. You mean that you are not for this world.

  9. maybe i meant that,me and this world do not belong together–>

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