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Saying Days 3


phew, I am just going on and on and on this time around. Here, my quote takes a comic side.
Without much time wasting let me go straight to the quote.

It doesn’t really matter if the gold is of 18 , 22 or 24 “carat” , the rabbit still can’t eat it.


Author: Hani

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13 thoughts on “Saying Days 3

  1. since its on gold i have to comment…is this quote a recent one ?- coz of the new outrageous, record breaking highs that gold rate has managed to reach….?

  2. yes it’s brand new from the factory.
    but it’s not due to the rates of gold.

  3. ohhh I like your quote on the resale value ;p

    and then it’ll be the other way round too, no matter how fresh, heavy the “carrot” is, that kinda stuff can’t make a wedding ring 😉

  4. oh what a nice idea, for my wife, I will buy a carrot and and make it into slices, choose the best slice, remove the middle part and use the left over of the best slice as a wedding ring.

    The carrot ring will be orange, in that favour I’ll say I just got it out of the refinery that’s why it appears orange.

    Any one,marry me?

  5. ohmyGod!!! “anyone marry me?”….lol…..

    umm what happens if she gets hungry and chews away her ring?

  6. hani….tsk tsk…..go study man! 😛

  7. even if she eats it away, the advantage of having a carrot ring is that it is easily replaceable and that too fresh from the refinery :D.

  8. Hani honey!!!!

    quit with the gold and carrots and for crying out loud – you dont need to get married just now!! LOL Ufffff


    I can see where your mind is these days…wedding rings, carrots, rabbits, wives-lol, factories and refineries! Definitely isnt on law!!! LOL

    PS – really like mayya’s take on this saying. 😀

  9. carrot cake is nice too yummy!
    yes hani now issssssssshtudy!

  10. I was just joking regarding the marriage, after all who w ould want to marry a person who would get a carrot ring instead of a gold ring for marriage?

    study hani study, acha to yeh baat hai…

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