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Excused Break.


This posting has been automatically put up as the final (real) post before the 30th of June 2006.

You might also ask where is the Dingle Days that was supposed to start my break instead of this silly post. I’ve been told to study, study and study by the bloggers. It feels like I am not welcome in the blog world any more. Well here is what you wanted.

Whatever events happen-or-not in my life they will not be posted about or will be delayed until I am back. One such event will be the Jal and Call concert that’s supposed to happen this month.

It also means that there will be no post from my side on 06.06.06.

Also, it means my 100th post will be delayed till my return. Although, it isn’t of any significance but just for the sake of it am I highlighting it.

Could it also mean that spending 2 ½ months away from blogging would lead to a total blogging void in me. But that would have been better if I had already made 100 posts and never have returned.

If there are any people who just can’t get enough of Life Manual, then they could go through the past archives. One post a day and hopefully I will be back before you would have completed the 99 posts (this included).

And yeah not to forget a message:
Don’t blame me for ignoring my readers.

Next Post: In July 2006.
(See you then)


Author: Hani

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58 thoughts on “Excused Break.

  1. uh oh hani .that doesnt sound too good and you sound sad. hey you’re allowed to post – it’s your blog….besides i think the bloggers just want you to do well in your exams…maybe your 100th post should be after you have given your first exam? what say? insh’Allah hope you ace all your exams 🙂

  2. well I am taking the “bloggers wanting” in good stride.Respecting their decisions.That’s why Iam going on an earlier break!
    100th post will be after all the papers have finished.
    Thankyou for your wishing!

  3. Hey, I never told you to go and study :@
    Khair, Rab Rakha :P, and best of luck for your exams :).

  4. feeling hungry subhana?

  5. Yeah, how’d you know? I havent eaten since yesterday :s

  6. I read through the lines.
    By the way, thankyou for your wishes and I never said you said that go and study.

    Happy eating.

  7. array dil per nahi letay, us asking you to study doesn’t mean you stop blogging, it means you should stop procrastinating and blogging about not studying, and study a bit so you can proudly write that you’ve studied 😀

    err ok I sound confusing even to myself

  8. Can you stay away for that long?

    I don’t think I could. especially if it was [self]imposed.

    Good luck with the studies though! and have fun at the JAL concert.

  9. extiinct: I’ll try to, yesterday I counted 3 urges to post, even now Iam fighting off the urge to make a new post.thanks for the wishing.

    Mayya: I thought you were going to use your blog as a prep for your paper.

  10. Hey, i thought you last post was five posts ago!!! i didn’t even visited your blog thinking your not updating and here you have been going behind my back!! shame on you!!! That’s cheating 😛

    oh well, anyway, i m also thinking of a blogging break since everyone is on one…. first tiddy, then psyched now you so i might as well do it……. blame it on peer pressue 😉 naah, i just can’t seem to find time to blog these days… well, lets see how it unfolds.. see u in july, good luck with the books…. and dont put playboys in the book to make it look like you are studying while you really are doing……

  11. Hey Hani..its been a while since I have been to any blogs..and yours is the first one I typed in once I got to the vtunnel(darn the blogspot ban..) to find you are taking a break..Well I totally support your brave attempt to ace your exams and refrain from posting..I think you should sneak one really long one in you don’t lose the ‘touch’! 🙂 g’luck!

  12. nope,zag my last post wasn’t supposed to be five posts ago,looks like you didn’t read properly (again)and were busy reading something else(maybe the same thing which you expect me to be reading).
    Well my break starts now and now!

    MArs: Nice to see you again. Oh so the ban was stopping you from blogging.
    You were the first regular reader and I really respect you for that and am honoured to know that I was the first blogger you visited. Thanks.

  13. okay, an update for my readers, since I won’t be making any new posts I can at least comment.

    The Jal concert is to be held on the 27th of April in Qatar.Tickets are priced at 125 Qrs, that will be approximately 1850 rs. and 150 Qrs. at the venue, which will be almost 2200 rs.But this price is not only for Jal.Other artists will also be performing.
    Jal, Call, E.P., Rogue, Mika, Euphoria.
    I also have to attend a class on thursday 7-10 pm. The show starts at 6pm.

    Let’s see how that goes.

    Also, this comment was posted to let the bloggers know that I am alive.(which I will be letting the readers know again and again) until I am done with the break.

  14. hey evryone I updated my blog, new piece of info I posted, didn’t any one see it?

  15. I saw it *jumps like a maniac*

    Sorry for the delay. I am in Germany right now :(:(:(:(:(:

  16. why are you so sad at being in Germany? You should be happy. Take a Porsche out on rent and whizz on the Auto Bahn.

    Besides you are the first one to see it and letting me know that you saw it .

  17. cheater:P your concert comment passes off as a post!

  18. No it dosen’t, I still have a total of 99 posts.

    ALso another update is that If I give 10 days for each subject starting from today (if 10 days are to be sufficient), I will be ready for the exams right in time.

  19. Hey Hani! How’s revision coming along?

  20. I didn’t attend it.

  21. If no one understood my last comment, I meant to say that I didn’t attend the Jal/Call/Ep Concert .

  22. WHY?! I thought you were looking forward to it :/

  23. yeah,I was looking very much forward to it but due to foreseen circumstances , I had to not see it (personal decision) , i guess I now have material for my 100th post!

  24. I should be studying now , but I just can’t. Too many distractions, on top of that my mood has gone nice and calm to disrupted and sorta maddish.

    Feeling guilty for not studying too.
    But with this mood of mine I don’t think I will be able to study for the rest of the day.

    Waah! Kiya bahana hai!

  25. hey I thought you’d be deep down in books…
    whats with everyone’s mood these days? the weather? :s

  26. deep down in books!
    if that’s the case then, I am still standing in the sand with the fear that Iam going to drown 🙂 .

  27. hayee now I totally understand the pre exam stress/tension/apprehension :s I hope you get over it soon and with flying colors

  28. thanks,but the only way that can happen is if I can stand under a rainbow (i.e flying colours).

  29. Just checking up on you. Won’t ask how ur studies are coming along. WHat’s up?

  30. thanks for doing so,extiinct. Iam fine.
    A friend is visiting from Pakistan so I go around with him now a days (that’s the most time consuming thing I do throughout the day).Yes,unfortunately that thing which starts with an ‘s’ is not at all going as it should.
    Also I had another revelation yesterday which makes this abstaining from blogging totally worthless but that dosen’t mean I will put up a new post! Not before 30th june!

  31. (if it makes any difference )

    If I pass in all my subjects this year I won’t deprive the readers of new posts for such a long period when my exams approach, next year.


  32. deal! my exams start in 2 days and i can’t keep away.

    and my situation is most definitely worse than yours.
    read my latest post to see what i’m talking about.

  33. your post read.

    “Hum aik hi gaari mein sawaar hain”
    or maybe
    “hum aik hi rah par sawaar hain”

    that’s the feeling I get.

  34. mujhay abhi iss waqt lag raha hai kay mein pagal ho jaon ga.

  35. chalo as long as u come before ma bday…
    n dont u dare forget ma bday present…..
    have fun……..

  36. when is your birthday?
    Actually to tell you something ..a birthday happens only once in life. The day one is born. One dosen’t get born again every year. so no bday present for you.

  37. haniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  38. mayya, what happened to you? Are you alright?

  39. Hey Hani shani…just checking on you – I know its still a month to go. Hope your exams go really well!

    Waiting for you to get back. 🙂

  40. thanks for your kindness,sprite.
    But I think the exams are going to turn about into being the worst exams I’ve ever written.
    During the past months,I’ve been doing everything but study.ANd now the exams are just a few days away..
    Iam beginning to envy nerds now!

  41. yesh! me ok! I think I’m going to steal your idea of doing a 6/6/06 ki post hehehehehe not that I don’t post daily :p

  42. CHOR 😛

    YEah you do post almost everyday so it would be just the norm unless you make it special!

    Like “coming out of the closet” maybe .. 🙂

    and it’s not a 6/6/06 post..

    it’s a 06.06.06 or a 06/06/06 post!

    If you know,12/12/12 would be the last for this century so better make the best of each and everyone.

  43. mayya: so that you know, you are going to get a mention in my coming back post.

  44. lol you’re right that post must be special so I’ll dedicate it to you
    orrrrrrrrr I have a better idea, why don’t you guest post for me, for 06/06/06?
    you write one and I’ll put it up!
    and nooooooo girls don’t come out of the closet, at least not figuratively :p
    ab rakho mujhey suspense mey till the end of this month :s

  45. not a bad idea, I’ll do it..
    mujhay e-mail karo iss patey par

    (mein exact pata nahin day raha zara socho,pata kiya hai)

    meray jo comics hain na,woh na,
    do lafzon par na,mushtamil hain na.
    unn dono lafzon kay beech mein na aik nuqta lagao aur ussay google waalon ki e-mail service par bhaij do na aur mein na jab apni post likh loon ga na to na tumhari e-mail jo meray inbox mein aaye ho ge na uss ka reply kar kay tumhein bhaij doon ga na,theek hai na?

    Mein likhna shuroo karta hoon.

    aur jahan tak suspense kee baat hai to agar tum billi hotee to maheenay kay khatam honay say pehly mar gaye hotee.Iam referring to the “suspense killed the cat” scenario.

  46. oho Haniiii

    here email me the post pronto at

    its 06/06/06 alreadyyyy

  47. just in the nick of time.

  48. oye hani….. where art thou????

  49. coming soon on a computer screen in front of you.. the same applies to you,you haven’t been updating…
    but do you remember where you commented(on a pic) before this? That web place of mine is getting updated really fast.

  50. Oye, you better have a post on the 1st of july. Had hogaye.

    Parha bhi kuch nahi aur uper se you cheated by guest blogging! 😛

    And start with dingle days. They’ve been sourly missed!

  51. Oye, you better have a post on the 1st of july. Had hogaye.

    Parha bhi kuch nahi aur uper se you cheated by guest blogging! 😛

    And start with dingle days. They’ve been sourly missed!

  52. *checks calendar* Its July!! Come back!

  53. Come back now. Please!

  54. what the hell??/ i thot i also posted a ‘come back’ comment here!

    i came back to see if u replied to it….khair chalo…ur back now – goodiiiiiiiii! 🙂 when’s next dingle days?
    btw…how’d ur exams go? u not plannign to come for some roasting and mangoes here in pakland??

  55. exams went alright, nope no Pakistan for me this year.
    next dingle days? pretty soon.

  56. Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.

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