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Aaloo aik sabzi hai.

Yeh carbohydrates say humein fauri taqat daita hai.

Issey mukhtalif andaaz say khaya ja sakta hai jaisey keh
Aaloo mattur ,Aaloo palak, Aaloo gosht aur Aaloo chips waghaira.

Yun to aaloo meri pasandeeda sabzee-aun mein say aik hai, laikin aik kisam ka aaloo mujhay bilkul pasand nahin..



Author: Hani

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10 thoughts on “115280400438156556

  1. Lol!!! Now you got that right. But aloodgi is the one thing we have ample of. not to mention…it’s free!:P

  2. uh oh, hope your mom doesn’t cook aloodgi a lot at home :p
    can I make a farmaish for dingle days?

  3. aloodgi is to be eaten raw and not be cooked to savour its flavour.

    Dingle Days??
    Just hang in there for a bit

  4. haha…that is genius..

  5. aloodgi = pollution.

  6. hmm..ur back – with aaloosss?? where’s dingle days?? and btw….u were tagged rmr????

  7. err..btw..paranoid anony aka psyched 🙂

  8. no I haven’t forgotten the tag
    infact my next post shall be the taggged one.

    secondly,next Dingle Days are also in the pipeline.Just wait a bit.

  9. Interesting website with a lot of resources and detailed explanations.

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