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Tag, I am it.


Got tagged by Gr8 chingari aka Psyched aka Paranoid Anony ..(refer to side links,to find psyched)

Best, Worst, Last, First, Today, Tomorrow, Favorites, Currently, and True & False

1. Male friend: No taking sides here.

2. Female friend: Zero
3. Vacation: Last one . (in Pakistan)

1. Time of day: any time which goes bad.

2. Day of the week: None
3. Color crayon: green

1. Person you talked to that goes to your school: can’t really remember
2. Talked to on the phone:
3. Text:
4. Person who Instant Messaged: Ark (co-blogger in Piggsee,see side links)

1. What are you doing now: having breakfast

2. Wearing: Kurta with pyjama

1. Is: Saturday

2. Got any plans: nope
3. Goal:
be helpful
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: Work

1. Number: 1

2. Song: so many
3. Color: green

1. Missing Someone: no

2. Mood: Lowly
3. Wanting: to sleep

I am a cuddler:
don’t understand
I am a morning person:
I am a perfectionist:
I am an only child: false

I am currently in my pajamas: false (it was a pyjama I was in, not pajamas)
I am currently pregnant: true (2months)
I am currently suffering from a broken heart: false
I am left handed: False

I am addicted to Blogging: true
I am online 24/7: false
I am very shy around the opposite gender: True
I can be paranoid at times: true
I currently have a crush on someone: false
I currently regret something that I have done: false

I enjoy country music: true
I enjoy smoothies: True
I enjoy talking on the phone: False
I have a hard time paying attention at school/work: False
I have a hidden talent: Tralse
I have a lot to learn: True

I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal: True

1. Are you currently mad at someone?: no

2. Which of your friends has the worst temper?: maybe umair.
3. Have you ever thrown something at anyone: yes, a ball. (playing maram)

4. Ever had something thrown at you: yes
5. When you’re mad do you prefer to stare angrily or yell and scream?: Stare angrily

1. Has anyone ever thrown you a surprise party for you: No

2. Are you easily excited: Yes
3. What you’re most excited about: every time I plan to post a new post on my blog
4. If you won a million dollars what would be your first thought?: buy an Infinit FX 45
5. If you could have anything right now what would it be?: Sleep

1. Name: Hani Arif

2. Where were you born?: Doha-Qatar
3. What’s your main goal in life?: Be Someone
4. How do you want to die?: in my sleep

1. Sex before marriage?:Marriage before sex

2. Gay Marriage?: Useless
3. Lower the Drinking age?: No,increase it to above 180

4. Recycling?: Cool thing if it works

1. What was your latest dream?:
DayDream or a sleep dream?
2. Have any of your dreams come true?: ha! yes …I have an ipod (daydream)
3. What was the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?: of me flying

1. Straight, Gay, Bi?: Mayya read carefully..totally straight
2. Do you have a bf/gf?: No
3. Do you have a crush?: No

Q: How many beds did you lay in yesterday? One
Q: What color shirt are you wearing? Kurta is royal blue

Q: Name one thing that you do everyday?
A: wake up

Q: What color are your walls? White

Q: How much cash do you have on you right now? 700 riyals (you do the math..100 riyals are 1630 rs.)

Q: I can’t wait till…? My next Pakistan visit
Q: When was the last time you saw your dad? one hour back
Q: What did you have for dinner last night? Chicken Shawarma
Q: What’s the last pieice of clothing you borrowed from someone? None
Q: What website(s) do you visit the most during the day?,
Q: Does anything hurt on your body right now?A: Yeah

1. Have you ever failed a class?: nope

2. Have you ever sung in front of a crowd?: 3 is a crowd? yes
3. Have you ever not taken a shower for 3 days?:
4. Have you ever slept with a night light?: no
5. Have you ever danced in the rain?: no,but played in the rain, last year in Lahore

6. Have you ever lied?: Yes
7. Have you ever had contacts?: Never

8. Have you ever tripped over something stupid?: My own feet

1. Samosa, Pakora, Kebab: Kebab
2. Bollywood, Lollywood, Hollywood:
3. Love marriage, Arranged marriage: Lovranged

4. Honeymoon, no moon: No moon
5. How many kids would u like 1,2, 3+ : 1

6. Kulfi, Ice cream : Ice cream
7. Shah ruk khan, Orlando Bloom : Orlando Bloom
8. Meenar-e-Pakistan, Eiffel Tower : Meenar-ePakistan,because it is lighter ( as the question asks,PICK ONE)
9. Lahore, Khi, Islmbad : Lahore
Aah! Finally done

I tag: no one, anyone who wants to do it,should,by putting me as the tagger.

Next Post: Dingle Days


Author: Hani

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7 thoughts on “Tag, I am it.

  1. ahhh ! so u did it finally!

    u cud have been more adventurous-scandalous! 😉

    liked ‘Tralse’ for hidden talent and ‘Lovrange’ haaha – that makes sense actually!

    gud to have u back hani jani! too bad zaggii and sprite are not as active as they used to be

  2. oh btw…..thanx for the acknowledgement 😀
    that was the best part of the tag! lol

  3. I am currently pregnant: true (2months)

    Congratulations :DDDDDDD lolllll

    and I NEVER doubted your straightness, don;t give me reasons to otherwise 😉 lol

  4. @mayya -…>ahahahahahahahahahaaaa

    whare’s zag?? where is zag???? 😛

  5. jitna maza karna hai karlo,
    zag ki absence mein.There won’t be much careless words after that.

  6. I really enjoyed looking at your site, I found it very helpful indeed, keep up the good work.

  7. I like it! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing this wonderful site with us.

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