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I haven’t written a decent sized blog post since quite sometime but that may be due to lack of readership that I have now.I knew that my taking such a long gap for my exams
would yield this very result. People who used to read me regularly would feel that they don’t get any void if they don’t read me anymore (since there was no update to be read)
and hence no
coming back.

It’s all my fault.

I want to talk about music today and I want to ask the readers that what do they think
is the most important part of a song.For me it is the
lyrics (leaving the instrumental tracks out).
Although, I know that the most important part is not the lyrics but the
melody.I want major feedback on this ,alright?

By the way, I am in a major love relationship with the song “Kitni Sadiyaan” by Mizraab (do check it out) and an affectionate relationship with “Alvida” by Salman Ahmed,I like the way it flows ( I wonder why it got such a bad response).



Author: Hani

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9 thoughts on “Musical

  1. Hahha yeh kya hai bayee :p

  2. you forgot one

  3. Bekar melody is also a waste of good vocals. Wordings, maybe not so much. Good melody & great vocals can make the sassiest lyrics sound beautiful. So I guess a good song should consist of powerful vocals, catchy meolody and beautiful lyrics.*

    I think Alvida was a flop because Salman Ahmed is merely a shower singer.

    * read it again and again until it stops giving you a headache =)

  4. Dude, whats up with this font color same as background color???

  5. Btw, I love how you posted this entry. Would love to do something like this on my blog

  6. but fizza don’t you agree that a good melody can make up for stupid lyrics and bad vocals?

    My future posts will be like this only.Since totally invisible posts weren’t getting the attention.

    zag: read the blog tagline

    Procuring life (the invisible blog)

    THAT IS THE REASON FOR the words and background to be of the same colour.

  7. Of course it can! But those musicians/entertainers are like a fad. And hardly any of them really leaves a lasting mark. Madonna-likes are exceptions. You really think she can sing? lol It’s called ‘commericial art’. And it’s the in-thing these days. If that’s what you were asking for, then the choices are countless. Yeah I know I’m such a nerdy nerd who’ll always give you very specific answers (A)

  8. fad or not the song does become a hit with a catchy meldoy.

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