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Makes Sense?


Excess population is what the country of Pakistan suffers from.With no strict policy against the number of children in a household,Pakistanis sure are making a lot of babies.Although, the “Bachay do hee achay” is a good scheme but I don’t think it is being implemented by the people on a large scale.I am in total agreement with the scheme because it makes logical sense to me.I mean why would someone need more than 2 kids in the first place.

With education,living costs going up the wall it is getting increasingly difficult to raise families decently,so the less the children the more attention they will get in school,at home and will become resultingly better human beings.
Instead of putting 4 children through normal schooling,put 2 children in better schooling with the same amount and then tell me who the winner is?

We the people need to realise that we are burdening our own country and ourselves too! With resources becoming scare by the day,the mouths to feed are multiplying with mathematical ease.

We have to wake up and take action,after all if we don’t help ourselves (not just in eating), we can forget about others helping us.

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Author: Hani

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2 thoughts on “Makes Sense?

  1. yaaaaaaar, insaanon ki zubaan mein likho!

  2. siraf insaan hee apni zubaan mein likh saktey hai,nahin?

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