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First Basis

NoW a DaYs I barely get time to do things which I really enjoy
doing, like blogging for example, I want to have more posts than one during a
week but it just dosen’t seem possible any more.It is all due to work. My classes for my BBA degree have also started taking the spare free time available on class days.

I am putting in more pics on to the Flickr account,the link to which you will find on thesidebar just to keep the readers occupied,hope you like ’em.

Dingle Days will be coming up shortly hope to post it within the first 10 days of Ramadan


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Saying Days

The guy who I had an accident with came to the police station
much to my relief,he turned out to be a really decent
and polite fellow.He called me to inform me that he had left for the police station
and even
reached before me .He was sincerely very calmed down. I am thinking , agar accident ho
to aisey he bandey kay saath ho.
See this is how the good word spreads about people from a country,when you meet someone
who is as polite as him,you get a good impression of the whole country,and it works
in the opposite way too,when a bad behaving person disgraces the whole country,

One thing which i learnt from the accident was that “never presume in practicality”
In theory you can do all the assumptions you like but not when actually enacting.

Random Conversation with a co-worker:

Co-worker:The numbers are 036243,036242 and 036241
Me: Arey waah Dimagh hai ya Guantanamo Bay.
Co-worker:Woh Kaisey?
ME:Jo aik baar ander chala jaaye,woh kabhi baher nahin aaye.

Next Post : Dingle Days


Series of Events

Dingle Days has been postponed for the reason which occured today (that in a while),
I felt I had to release the pressure in by writing about it, so Dingle Days takes the boot temporarily.

I had a car accident which was my fault.Assuming the car in front of me had left the roundabout, I stepped on the accelator and WHAM! A Pajero was what I rammed in and its rear hook for load carrying attachments went into the bumper.Now begins the procedure for the police and getting it fixed.

Today, I have to go and meet up with the other guy in the police station hoping he comes so that
I can get this thing over and done as fast as I can because I can’t get the car fixed until a police report is made which is not possible until the guy comes and shows his car in the police station.
(main uss ke aamad par atka hoon ab)

I went to play Squash day before yesterday and I am feeling cramps through out my right arm, hand and my legs, I plan to take up Squash as the only resort to lose my ever increasing weight.

Dingle Days will come soon.