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Kiya Bakwaas Hai


During the three day weekend which just passed I felt very bored because there was
no one to talk too (other than my family).Even my messenger contacts didn’t come
online and the couple that did come on, didn’t even reply back.
The ones I e-mailed, didn’t mail me back too..

Kiya Bakwaas hai!!!

on a lighter note

Next Post (on friday): Dingle Days by Hani Arif


Author: Hani

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4 thoughts on “Kiya Bakwaas Hai

  1. oh, mayra long weekend was horrible too!!! plus whats up with boring movies on the weekends? are they TRYING to kill us of boredom? maybe that way they can say there is something else that kills more than cancer? lol

  2. or maybe they put boring movies on cause tey know that no one will be watching.
    but they are right,pepole with any kind of social activity will not be at home during the weekend.

  3. sheeesshhh hani jani! u shud have tld me! i wud have replied! 😛

  4. Thanks for the support psyched, I really need it now a days.

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