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Series of Events


Dingle Days has been postponed for the reason which occured today (that in a while),
I felt I had to release the pressure in by writing about it, so Dingle Days takes the boot temporarily.

I had a car accident which was my fault.Assuming the car in front of me had left the roundabout, I stepped on the accelator and WHAM! A Pajero was what I rammed in and its rear hook for load carrying attachments went into the bumper.Now begins the procedure for the police and getting it fixed.

Today, I have to go and meet up with the other guy in the police station hoping he comes so that
I can get this thing over and done as fast as I can because I can’t get the car fixed until a police report is made which is not possible until the guy comes and shows his car in the police station.
(main uss ke aamad par atka hoon ab)

I went to play Squash day before yesterday and I am feeling cramps through out my right arm, hand and my legs, I plan to take up Squash as the only resort to lose my ever increasing weight.

Dingle Days will come soon.


Author: Hani

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15 thoughts on “Series of Events

  1. yaaayyy! i can seeee ! i can seee!! … finalyl!

    ok – justshows how excited i am – am commenting dierectly….dint even read this post!

    check out the typos! khair hai…wanna getthis comment thru b4 everyhting whites out again!

  2. arey waah! nice to see you back on the blog actually.

    Maybe my invisible blog plan is also not caught up with the people still.That’s why no one comes on my blog any more.

  3. Ugh! Well, at least you’re man enough to admit its your fault. Most people go into a denial phase *blink.

    Good to be physically active! 😀

  4. accident *gasp* are you okay? ihope.

  5. subhana: yes,it was clearly my mistake.
    It is good to be physically active but are cramps good too?

    Fairydust: Yes,Iam fine,it was just a minor accident.

  6. u seriously want me to believe that it was actually a plan??? :S

    i go with subhana…with u being man enough to admit its ur fault! lol

    commonsense yaar! where there is nothing to read..then who in their right mind wud come to see a blank white space???

  7. Psyched:it’s not a blank white space….

    aaah…it’s white words actually, how did the other readers read the things which were written,because the posts weren’t blank..

  8. Oh God! chalo at least you’re safe and sound

  9. Hey you play squash too… cool…

    btw, can you please change the location of your dingle days from the blogger server, cuz of the stupid ban in pak, i can’t see a damn thing!!!!

  10. Maybe you can also save it on the flickr, u know, make a set, dingle days 😉

  11. Zag:not a bad idea about the flickr and dingle days..

    I’ve thought about it before,but too lazy to actually do it.

    Squash,just started,need time to reduce my weight and play it well.

  12. I am also thinking of taking it up again after ramzan….

  13. great, I know who to play against,next time I go to Karachi.

  14. see! even zag cant see dingle days!

    no squash for me thank u1 treadmill maybe? but fo rnow, i’l keep thinking on that some more 😛

  15. thinking on treadmill?

    Boy, I seriously need to do something
    about dingle days, you two are the documented cases but what about the undocumented ones?

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