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Saying Days

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The guy who I had an accident with came to the police station
much to my relief,he turned out to be a really decent
and polite fellow.He called me to inform me that he had left for the police station
and even
reached before me .He was sincerely very calmed down. I am thinking , agar accident ho
to aisey he bandey kay saath ho.
See this is how the good word spreads about people from a country,when you meet someone
who is as polite as him,you get a good impression of the whole country,and it works
in the opposite way too,when a bad behaving person disgraces the whole country,

One thing which i learnt from the accident was that “never presume in practicality”
In theory you can do all the assumptions you like but not when actually enacting.

Random Conversation with a co-worker:

Co-worker:The numbers are 036243,036242 and 036241
Me: Arey waah Dimagh hai ya Guantanamo Bay.
Co-worker:Woh Kaisey?
ME:Jo aik baar ander chala jaaye,woh kabhi baher nahin aaye.

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Author: Hani

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One thought on “Saying Days

  1. lols @ da convo….
    wesa u r rit abt da impression…
    i had a bad exp with tiawanesz ppl n ever since i cant stand ’em though ma best frd is tiawanez….excluding her i hate all of ’em

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