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Ramadan Musings


Ever since Ramadan started my sleep has been forced out of my body through
the back door and this is the very same reason I want to end up with ramadan asap. Just a teeny more than a week to go.

Yesterday, my work place had a ramadan tent up in a leading hotel.The setting was
traditional arabic with live music, people sheesha-ing and an open buffet.Naturally,
the only thing of these three which was of interest to me was the open buffet.
Buffets have gotten boring over a period of time due to a similar nature of food that’s available but the reason could be that I have had 3 buffets in the same hotel within 3 months time.

Two incidents which happened with me in the Ramadan get-together were

1. I asked for milk and the waiter said they didn’t have any, this remark coming from an employee of one of the best hotels in Qatar wasn’t saisfying.So I asked another waiter and she got me milk right in front of the waiter I asked before.

2. I asked for a glass so I could have some water and after drinking some I find
something fishy with the taste. A glimpse on the glass revealed why, it had lipstick on it.

I don’t wish it to be, but I think this will be the last post before Eid for me.

Author: Hani

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5 thoughts on “Ramadan Musings

  1. seemingly everyone’s been having bad experiences with restaurants in Ramadan. Similarly, went to a Mexican restaurant. Poor service, I’d tell you. Its pathetic really.

  2. Assalamoaliekum
    if it was ramadhan tent ,it had music???shocking!!any ways
    pre eid mabrook!

  3. subhana..but this was a five star hotel Iam talking about.

    mortal..yes it had music, it is arabic

  4. Uve been tagged. Do it after eid, whenever:)

    Take care

  5. woah…If I were you, i would’ve probably called the manager!!

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