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Life is better handled, prepared.


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By Samar


height: 5’8″

color: Wheatish

piercing: Zero

tattoos: Zero

Right Now

Time: 12:42 pm

Mood: Enjoyable

taste: chocolate

the weather: sunny with warm breeze

bad habit: correcting others to the point of being an itch sometimes

current crush: movies

biggest regret: the chocolates (that will be) consumed over eid

Perfume(s): Starwalker by Mont Blanc

Thing I want to do: watch more movies


TV show: Rubber band

book: dictionary

non alcoholic drink: orange juices

milk drink: Pralines &Cream Shake by Baskin Robbins

brand: Apple

color: Green

emblem: Porsche

perfume: Dunhill Desire and Polo Sport by RL

designer: none

Chocolate: lots

Have I Ever

broken the law: nope

misused credit card: nope

skipped school: nope (not an exciting fellow eh?)

fell asleep in the shower/bath: Nope (phir to doobnay ka khatra ho ga na)
had children: no

been in love: no

been hurt: emotionally? not that I can remember.


have a job: Yes

My CD player has what in it right now: mixed songs from an underground artist who very few people know about.

if I were a crayon, the color? green

what makes me happy? same things which give me joy.

When/What Was the Last

I got a real letter: 3 years I suppose

got an email: yesterday

thing I purchased: food

TV program I watched:3rd

movie I saw in the theaters: Da vinci code in july

Hugged: two weeks back

Place I was: Pakistan..last year

song heard: Awaz-mauj ..3 minutes back

phone call: yesterday

was depressed: it’s been quite some time

What Comes to Mind When I Hear

car: car

murder: knife & blood

cape: town

cell: battery

fun: laughter

shoe: lace ups

crush: affection

music: listen

love: something which happens

chalk: late (chocolate, 🙂 )

I tag: No one because most people I tagged last time,have still got it pending.

Author: Hani

Glad I could interest you enough for you to visit my profile page. Follow me on twitter @haniarif to get to know more.

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