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Death by chocolate


Death by chocolate
Originally uploaded by FOTOSHO-TO.

defines how sweetness can kill you be it in the form of chocolate
or the fake human form.


Author: Hani

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5 thoughts on “Death by chocolate

  1. Lolz … And he was ChocolateD!

    Qatal karnay k liyay to sirf Qatil Nigahain hee kafi hoti hain 🙂
    Who was behind the camera?

    Had i been in your place, i would have mentioned, ‘I was CheeseD’

  2. Qatil nigahain :).

    behind the camera was no one,cheese lover.

  3. heheheh … chocy ka kiy abana then :/

    Very nice … lemme fave it on flickr too 🙂

  4. omg thats what happened to me yesterday. you know when you’re eating lotsa of chocolate just out of greedy-ness .. ugh stomach.

  5. chocy to khatam thee na, is liyay to mera yeh haal ho gaya tha.–>

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