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10 thoughts on “Translate

  1. Man are you absolutely fine? Next time don’t forget to give ur cell # if u have any intensions to stay away from blog for that long .. so that we may confirm your khair khairiat on fone.

    Leave? Is this word upto your mark?

  2. okay, GH, I will give you my cell no. pretty soon.

    Nope Leave , holiday,vacation

    The chuttee I have in my mind is the one which happens when work is over for that day.. after the 9-5 what happens after the 5? chuttee…

    english please..

  3. S? like rest? this is a riddle, right Hani?

  4. no, riddles, iam asking plainly, because I really don’t know it

  5. freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

  6. ‘off’, as ‘i’m off from work now’

  7. what I am looking for is when kids in school hear the final bell they say”yay, chuttee” , they won’t say ” Yay ,Off”? or would they?

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