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Back by unpopular demand and by the famous saying,” try,try again until you succeed”, it’s the return of my “gimme-your number-and-I’ll-give-you-a-call” initiative.

So,if you want to be the one to receive a call from me just send me your number at the following e-mail address.


(just remove the non-alphabetical inputs,before sending me the e-mail.)

The people who already have spoken to me are not allowed to participate.


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Our car has gone for maintenance since saturday and we had to rent a car for this purpose.

So for all of our cars had (the ones which I had driven) automatic and the car which we rented has a manual Transmission, I drove the rental car with my  heart in my throat all day, I was very nervous as the last time I had driven a manual transmission was in 2002.

From pont A to B  the car shut down 4 times.Thankfully who ever the blokes were behind me were quite kind and didn’t honk unnessarily.

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This feels great, a whole new blog and a whole new experience.This blog has refreshed my mind

about the whole blogging affair,now I can become my usual self. Best of all, I didn’t have to lose my

old posts, after registering today for wordpress I transferred everything to this blog, placed my posts in the different categories, it’s 4am now but I did it, all in one day.

I hope to end those comments regarding unviewability of Dingle Days with this blog.

Now, Iam off to sleep.