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Tagged Square

Okay so I was tagged again by Samar, and I did the tag in record time.

It is the same poem which I published on the blog some days back.Now the picture here is fuzzy,but do enlarge  to see it clearly.


I tag: No one, because, pichla tag to logon nay kiya nahin .


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I have been tagged again by miss Samar but I cannot have it as format definitive as every 5 years so I am going for a free-r way.

I could say that from the youngest of age until grade 8th, I , like , most of the boys of my generation wanted to be a soldier.

Then the pre-boards started so medical profession became an aim. 1st year and 2nd year I got admitted in a Science General programme and dreamt with a friend to become a hotel manager.After high school was the greatest of all mix ups , hotel manager, designer, almost all fields of work came to my mind and it seemed that I could work as anything.(Engineering and Medical aside).

Now @ 23 ,here Iam in the financial sector, let’s see where it takes me.

I tag GH & Subhana.

Next Post: (Should it be) Dingle Days?

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The Coloured Blindness.

It’s a flower that showed me the colours

My eyes betrayed these showers

Of pain, the yellow train

Never returning beyond the plain

A sight, a never holding right

The incessant dreamlight fight

Everything arose to defend

The right for me to end

Some part of me

and release it to be free

Unknowingly plus wittingly

The despised nature of the three

Interplay the words mumbled

Hearing with ears surrendered

Closing some senses to feel

The heat of the burning kneel

Downplayed everything too

a violet haze of sole blue

Unturned, the shades of the prey

And these lights which I see as grey.

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Friendship Vows

Time for a “zindagi” update.

Met an old friend after a gap of 10 years.Picture of whom is on my flickr link.

It was a nice experience since I don’t make friends that easy, I consider it easier to stick to friends I already have. Was able to take him out only one day of his stay, decided to try ice skating first time in our lives, it so happened that the ice rink was taken by children ice hockey players and you know what happened after that, we couldn’t skate! Just ended up for a little lunch after that and took him to meet his old classmates and the meeting was declared over.

Speaking of other friends, the friend I rarely played squash with, is bringing his family over to Qatar (they currently live in Pakistan and yeah he is married). That means I have to look for a new person. Another problem now is with the availabilty of squash courts, all the hotels which have squash courts only allow members of their clubs, play.Leaving only one place left for non-member people like us, Oasis hotel, upon enquiry of which today, found it to be fully booked .

Friends and Squash Courts : Required

Friends who can/will play Squash are more preferred.



Upon being tagged by Samar for the weird things inside of me, here I am .

1.Love for chocolate: This nurturing and wanting for cocoa has only been seen in females before me.Now chcolate runs in my bloodstream.

2.I think of myself as a better person,sometimes,than the persons who can’t understand urdu, meaning they can’t understand Pakistani songs and are missing that portion.

3. Constantly DayDreaming.

4. I appreciate aesthetic beauty( but who doesn’t) even in males to the point as being mislead to be believed as gay.

5.Waking up on weekdays at 5 am for the past 6 months my body clock is still  not aligned with the wake up time.

I tag GH.


Greeting Woes

Not being a fan of the happy-new-year brigade I got to hear a lot of the greeting first working day which was on Wednesday.It goes by the way that the dept. I work in has this wierd ritual of individual greeting, even when one goes on vacation,he/she goes individually to all the collegues in the dept. and bades farewell. This rang true for the new year greeting. After the staff greetings were over, me being in customer service had to hear the greeting again from all the customers too.

And am so glad that it is over.

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