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Idiots with money.


Welcome to Qatar.

Here, Iam going to blast over a full cycle of a system.

The characters in this post are

1.Retailers in Qatar

2.Manufacturers in Pakistan

3.Public of Qatar

4.The generic item to get a bashing : Leather Jackets

This system doesn’t have a definite starting point but I can make it start from the retailers in Qatar.

The story starts from the point when a retailer asks for a rather cheap quality of a leather jackets from Pakistan.The jackets come to Qatar and are made of soft leather but the finishing is not good and are cheap. People buy the jackets, affordable, leather is okay too, people are happy.One retailer becomes two and so on it becomes to be a full market.Every one ordering more or less the same type of jackets and selling them.

During all of this trade activity, other than the money making another thing happens which occurs on a non-physical level that is the mentality of the people is adhered to what they have seen and take jackets from Pakistan as cheap but good.

Numerous product exhibitions take place and the batch of Pakistani exhibitors bring their products including furniture, some other stuff including leather jackets.These leather jackets are of a similar quality as ordered by retailers in Qatar further strenghtening the belief of cheap leather jackets from Pakistan.

In all of this, one retailer decides to be different and orders a premium line of leather jackets from Pakistan, higher quality leather and better finishing.Obviously the retailer charges a higher price for the jackets.The retailer has a problem in convincing the customers because what can one retailer do to change the mentality of the masses.

Now, who should be blamed, the retailers for getting only one type of quality,the  manufacturers for promoting only inexpensive jackets or the public that despite their travelling abroad they aren’t able to gather enough knowledge as to differentiate between different grades of manufacturing?

Quality matters.


Author: Hani

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2 thoughts on “Idiots with money.

  1. i would say Retailers….

    I dont know about Qatar, but if you come to Pakistan you can have Pepsi from a pan shop at Rs:10 or from a nice Resturant for Rs:45 is there a diffrence in taste or quality or quantity ?

  2. Zeeshan! Price of cold drinks/coffee is another thing, another issue. Here, public should be blamed without any hesitation.

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