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Time for a “zindagi” update.

Met an old friend after a gap of 10 years.Picture of whom is on my flickr link.

It was a nice experience since I don’t make friends that easy, I consider it easier to stick to friends I already have. Was able to take him out only one day of his stay, decided to try ice skating first time in our lives, it so happened that the ice rink was taken by children ice hockey players and you know what happened after that, we couldn’t skate! Just ended up for a little lunch after that and took him to meet his old classmates and the meeting was declared over.

Speaking of other friends, the friend I rarely played squash with, is bringing his family over to Qatar (they currently live in Pakistan and yeah he is married). That means I have to look for a new person. Another problem now is with the availabilty of squash courts, all the hotels which have squash courts only allow members of their clubs, play.Leaving only one place left for non-member people like us, Oasis hotel, upon enquiry of which today, found it to be fully booked .

Friends and Squash Courts : Required

Friends who can/will play Squash are more preferred.


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