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The Coloured Blindness.

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It’s a flower that showed me the colours

My eyes betrayed these showers

Of pain, the yellow train

Never returning beyond the plain

A sight, a never holding right

The incessant dreamlight fight

Everything arose to defend

The right for me to end

Some part of me

and release it to be free

Unknowingly plus wittingly

The despised nature of the three

Interplay the words mumbled

Hearing with ears surrendered

Closing some senses to feel

The heat of the burning kneel

Downplayed everything too

a violet haze of sole blue

Unturned, the shades of the prey

And these lights which I see as grey.


Author: Hani

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One thought on “The Coloured Blindness.

  1. good rhyme scheme
    clever use of color words to progress the poem

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