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I have been tagged again by miss Samar but I cannot have it as format definitive as every 5 years so I am going for a free-r way.

I could say that from the youngest of age until grade 8th, I , like , most of the boys of my generation wanted to be a soldier.

Then the pre-boards started so medical profession became an aim. 1st year and 2nd year I got admitted in a Science General programme and dreamt with a friend to become a hotel manager.After high school was the greatest of all mix ups , hotel manager, designer, almost all fields of work came to my mind and it seemed that I could work as anything.(Engineering and Medical aside).

Now @ 23 ,here Iam in the financial sector, let’s see where it takes me.

I tag GH & Subhana.

Next Post: (Should it be) Dingle Days?


Author: Hani

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