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The favourite past time of the Qataris is do you know what?

Driving around in circles (creating a considerable amount of delay in the other motorists schedules) .Qataris cannot stay indoors & this being their nature makes others helpless.

I really want to go to Pakistan for a quick break relieve my mind of the daily grind.So if it works out i’ll inform the requisite bloggers { I want to see what a blogger meet-up turns out to be like.( Never been to one you see).}

And where have the bloggers using gmail gone?(have they taken to the streets too?)


Author: Hani

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5 thoughts on “Locals

  1. Driving around in circles. Hmm. I’ll try that some time. (No, I don’t want to be like Qataris. Just that I have a feeling it’d be good fun.)

  2. driving around in circles and not in circles and do it everyday.

  3. driving around in circles???? Why??

  4. at least they have roundabout traffic rules that make sense there – the gulf overall! here – its the complete opposite.

    then whatcha moping around for? hop into the next plane out! bloggers meet is kinda fun n interesting…but things change after that…the mystery and charm disappears…interestingly, most of the bloggers on my blogroll are khi based…i doubt anyone is in lhr. weird huh!

  5. Zag: they have petrol to waste and money to buy the petrol.
    They go out on to the street in the cars go to one end, take a U turn go the the other end, take another U turn, you get the pic.

    Psyched:but the connection increases after the meet-up.

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