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I have made myself visible on Orkut, but a message for all who want to add me,

I appear as Dingle Days.

Add or subtract,choice is yours.


Author: Hani

Glad I could interest you enough for you to visit my profile page. Follow me on twitter @haniarif to get to know more.

10 thoughts on “Orkut

  1. Add & Delete. 🙂

  2. the true opposite for add is subtract so I settled for it.

  3. is it supposed to be a warning 😛

  4. no need to be scared of my fraindship requests, if that is what you mean.

  5. I was using Orkuts’ term 🙂

  6. Furthermore i have sympathies with you that at the moment u r taking your evening class.

  7. Never used Orkut otherwise would have subtracted…. i mean added you 😉

  8. btw, how many times do conversations get started there with the question “what is dingle days?”

  9. zag:none (is the answer for your question)

  10. Damn….. I know i’d have asked u this 😛

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