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Not this time


Dear readers and fellow bloggers,

Last year, before my exams I took a really lengthy blog break which destroyed my readership. The thick & thinners are still here though which is quite a good thing. Shifting my blog from blogspot to wordpress was another start of my blogging life and I hope to continue with it. There were many firsts on Life Manual, of me popping up my picutre on the -blog, the start of dingle days,me making phone calls-to the-blogger posts ( first successful receipient : GreenHead aka GH aka Greeno aka MAC) but otherwise a flop.

But one thing I haven’t done is explored more bloggers this year and seem to be contented with the ones I already read,I don’t know if it is a good or a bad thing.

I want to have more firsts on Life Manual which I believe will come as you continue the blogging journey with me.

No big break this time around (in terms of examinations that is)

This seems more of a good bye post rather than an affirmation post, doesn’t it?


Author: Hani

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6 thoughts on “Not this time

  1. oh I remember your blogging break last year, good luck with ure exams this year 🙂
    by the way I moved, so you might want to update

  2. Best of luck 🙂

  3. awww….am still here 🙂 i guess we scared the shit out of u scolding and shooing u away to study for ur exams! hehehe. so was it worth it?

    gud to have u have haniiiiiii…now stay put!

  4. best of luck!!

    I have done the same a couple of times on my photo blog, but I think studies are worth it.

  5. hi..was reading up on own comments and got to you. hehe if u planned not to take a blogger break then u should blog more often
    kher..nothing else:P

  6. mayya: updated

    Asma,Mars: Thanks

    Psyched: The effect was not that dramatic, but was better than last year

    Mesh: welcome to Life Manual , I think I am blogging at quite a steady pace now – a -days.

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