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The Next Big Thing..

4 Comments Pakistani Music is undoubtedly MAUJ,with their already delayed album.

Everything about the band is so unconventional,if they keep on making songs like the ones which I have heard they could take over as the leading band in Pakistan.Khushfehmi, Khayaal, Dobara Awaaz do and more. So far,there is nothing with Mauj that I can pick out and say that I don’t like this part of their work I don’t like, that is how good I see them as.

(Although there is another band in Pakistan that has in my head taken the spot of being the best but that I will reveal some other day ).

But the thing I don’t understand about Mauj is their band members line-up.Ever changing.

Both Omran Shafique and Sikandar Mufti are part of Co-Ven too. How will they be able to shift here and there and thenthere is news that Omran will be playing on Ali Azmat’s new album too.If the co-ven,mauj start clashing , it will leave no good.

Could it be that Xulfi was to E.P and Call, what Omran Shafique is to Mauj and Co-ven. I liked E.P but when it broke look what’s left is call and so far I don’t have positive views about Call.Back to Mauj, Stay put Dudes, you have what it takes and I know that you,Mauj,can deliver big time.

Here is the link for you to go to and listen to songs by Mauj.

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4 thoughts on “The Next Big Thing..

  1. Would you llike to share the link for Moaj? Yah Khush-Fehmi
    (Fehmi is glad πŸ˜‰ rocks!

  2. I’ve put in the link for Mauj s Music in the post.
    but I didn’t get your reply!

  3. what a timely post! I was just thinking about Mauj y-day. The way they keep changing their lineup reminds me of Destiny’s Child. Whatever works for them.

    They have a refreshing sound…so Go Mauj Go! πŸ™‚

  4. Mauj is really neat,contemporary music.pleases all.

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