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Orkut Vs. Orkut

Tell me, if the second comment is in the league of comment no. 1 in terms of fraindship?

Comment no. 1 : U r lking so eeemaaan,subhanallaaa,r u married,plz reply,see me as your brother

Comment no. 2 : i lyk hinna on arm of garls and want to fraindhsip with thm and marry them l8r,becuz hinna make me thk of da wedding

In other news: I went to a snooker club after nearly four years and instead of my chest feeling heavy (like last time) , my head started to ache due to the passive smoke, I am going to cross out snookers clubs as a probable hanging out place in future ( even though, they weren’t ever,ever).


Shaadi Tak.

Okay this is written from a females perspective.

Arz hai:

Uss nay Daikhi meri unglee
Uss mein nahin thee angoothee
Phir usko mein
Pasand aagaye
Mein nay daikha us ka chehra
Uss per nahin tha sehra
phir mein nay kar liya faisla
keh hona hay mujhay shaadi shuda

Kiya tha dhong or kiya thee mangnee
seedhi mein nay shaadi par chalaang mari

chalaang to us nay bhi maari
aur hawa mein hamari takkar ho gaye

hamari takkar qaazi nay bhi daikhi
un kay mun say astaghfirullah nikal aaye

woh fauran register lay aaye
aur hum say 3 “kubool hai” bulwaye

Aur Phir Shaadi ho gaye!
Any guesses who this is written by?





Hani Farhani