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Dye Corduroy

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Here is a post that was brimming inside of me for an unexplainable amount of time. My Mauj post contained a mention of “another band” that I consider the best not just in Pakistan but ……. (fill in the blanks) .

Yes, Dye Corduroy it is.

Avid listeners of the Pakistani underground scene would know how in the past few years the word underground has gained recognition, but Dye Corduroy is the most underestimated band history could have ever told about.

Who are Dye Corduroy?

Dye Corduroy = Adil Salik

Adil is the a-z of songs by Dye Corduroy by that I mean the singer, guitarist, composer, lyricist and so forth.

And your belief in me is my new indemnity
A sullen melody is all I’ll weave
Do you begin to see you’re all that has broken me?
Will you resign or will you revive?
I’m fading helplessly …

Many Yellow Days”

Lets compare a bit, shall we?

If you have heard Arooj Aftab and think that she is a good musician, then in standards measurable, Adil doesn’t come in the graph in which Arooj belongs because her graph can’t reach high enough to include Adil in it. For what reason has Arooj reached the public radars vastly and Adil remains almost unknown is something I can’t comprehend, maybe, you readers can enlighten me .

Tayrey Har Azam Kee Taqdeerain
Dhull Gayee Hain Iss Siyaahee Mein
Tayree Yay Khanaktee Zanjeerain
Khwab Kheenchtee Hain Taabeerain

Hum Hain Inquilaab;
Ka Jhoota Saraab
Hum Hain Inquilaab.

Hum Hain Woh Azaan
Jo Hai La-Zubaan
Hum Hain Lamaqaam
Ikk Toota Armaan

“hum hain inquilaab “

Once you step on to Dye Corduroys musical journey don’t get deviated by Corduroy, which is another band. Because if you don’t know the difference you’d be bringing down Dye Corduroys average.

Dye Corduroy, as you can get an idea from the two song excerpts above is that they have songs, both in English and Urdu.

All the darkness that surrounds the promises you made
I still wait
All the words rendered empty coz of no ones mistakes
I still wait

You left the fire burning honey
No one to put it out
The backdoor swinging and on it
A little note to shake all doubts

My name phases out
Faceless is till stand
Pour my insides out
Done wrong at your hands


Why’re you burning all the bridges I’ve been trying to conquer
Why’ve you started to run over my perceptions my lover
When I was falling I was told you’ll never hit the ground
Now I know that I’ve been losing all that I’ve ever found

“Triumphant Psychotic Poodle”

Tell me.


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