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Orkut Vs. Orkut


Tell me, if the second comment is in the league of comment no. 1 in terms of fraindship?

Comment no. 1 : U r lking so eeemaaan,subhanallaaa,r u married,plz reply,see me as your brother

Comment no. 2 : i lyk hinna on arm of garls and want to fraindhsip with thm and marry them l8r,becuz hinna make me thk of da wedding

In other news: I went to a snooker club after nearly four years and instead of my chest feeling heavy (like last time) , my head started to ache due to the passive smoke, I am going to cross out snookers clubs as a probable hanging out place in future ( even though, they weren’t ever,ever).


Author: Hani

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2 thoughts on “Orkut Vs. Orkut

  1. orkut shud be shut down…period!

  2. so I take it as a yes.

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