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I know you but I don’t



So it happened that a person saw me and I happened to look at his face just in time to see the expression of recognition.

aap ka naam Hani hai na?”


aap Hussam kay dost ho gay


woh humaray humsayey thay

“Aap ka naam?”

( my eyes are going on his face trying to get any mark,any feature , which would make recognize the person)
(In my head, as an answer to my own question , I hear Junaid , Junaid, Junaid , Junaid, Junaid , Junaid, Juna..)

Par aap mujhay nahin jaantey, mein aap ko jaanta hoon

And after hearing his name I was more startled, even more than when he said my name because  I thought I might know  him  but this was a complete stranger who knew me.

And what was creepy about the whole situation was the reference point , Hussam.
I met Hussam this year, after a decade, and I had completely forgotten what Hussam looked like.

And then,there was Fazal who I had never met! I am sure there is another reason why he knows me but he used Hussam as the scapegoat.


Author: Hani

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3 thoughts on “I know you but I don’t

  1. Price of popularity Hani hehehehe =) what have you been up to?

  2. for others, have been taking a chill pill,
    for myself, trying to drive uphill.

  3. With me, it’s always, “yaar, aap ko kaheen daikha hai…” or “aap ki shakal meray dost/cousin/hamsayey/bhateejay/etc say milti hai…

    Life is funny.

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