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Dingle Days by Hani Arif (A childs world)


Okay, here is a Dingle Days which could be really funny only if you keep your sentiments aside.
There lies a wisdom behind all of this, which I will explain, if need arises.



Author: Hani

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9 thoughts on “Dingle Days by Hani Arif (A childs world)

  1. Hani,I get the bit about the “jhoolay” bit…ummm explain the “laal”bit and the sentiments aside part too.

    And did u delete a comment on my latest post? 😛

    Yes, I was “phir ghayab” 😉

  2. The jhoolay are Laal, that’s why Jhoolay Laal.
    If the term Jhoolay Laal doesn’t ring anything then it is not worth
    the explanation.

    Yes, I deleted the comment from your latest post.

  3. i dont understand..where does sentiment come in

  4. the sentiment comes from the respect which some people feel for “laal” shahbaz.

  5. lolzzz can’t u make the swings in red color! it would’ve been much fun

  6. what do you mean?The swing(s) ARE in red colour Mayya!

  7. lol:P
    Jhoolay Jhoolay Laal..Dam Mast Qalandar:D

  8. Love swinging :>

  9. finally a comment on my dead beat blog.

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