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Yes, I got dates


After being single and lonely for a long time, I have finally got some dates in line .

If you think I am satisfying myself with the edible KIND OF Dates, then, You’re Wrong!

I am taking about real dates for my exams.

I shall be a goner from 22nd of June to the 4th of July.


and we shall celebrate the independence day. 


Author: Hani

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5 thoughts on “Yes, I got dates

  1. chalo shukar hay … koi tay kamon lageya 😛

  2. oh yeah, exams hmmm hehehhehe… shai date hay!
    All the bets with it

  3. asma: haan, kaafi wailey log nay duniya chay!
    Unaiza: Thanks

  4. ohh good luck

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