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What a date it is.

2/3 of 3 James Bonds.

This date is  exciting and meaningful to me unlike the totally meaningless valentines  or new years day.

This date makes me think , what a lovely date I can have for marriage.

11/11/11 .

Author: Hani

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6 thoughts on “07-07-07

  1. wow, nice template you got here =) FRESH! almost smells like it too =) welcome back. your minions have been waiting for your return =)

  2. Thanks Jap. The font is quite kewl ain’t it.

    Ha! I destroyed m own readership by not posting.

    Such a sad state my blog is in!

  3. lol haniiiiiii I miss dingle days! bring em back with a bang

  4. You Miss Dingle Days. I Sir Dingle Days. 😀
    sure thing. Dingle Days will be back soon.

  5. long term plans , eh??

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