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Dingle Days by Hani Arif


This Dingle Days is a sequel to the first version which hopefully all of you remember.





Author: Hani

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16 thoughts on “Dingle Days by Hani Arif

  1. What is the exact population of Dingles in this world? Are they found in Qatar only or in other parts of this world too? Is this a rare species? Do they mix up with humans easily? Do they sign autographs? If yes then can i get one signed photograph for my 7 years old darling cousin? What if every second person on this planet is a dingle in disguise? What if Mayya and you are Dingles? Or may all bloggers in your blogroll are dingles except me? haan? Batao naa?

  2. GH: this heap of questions you put forward will be answered,not now,soon hopefully.

    Anyhow,you’ve managed to raise very interesting questions which invokes me to answer in an appropriate manner.

  3. WEll, looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  4. oh no,you’ve got me stuck here.

  5. what’s the dingle theory??

    Wiki tells me it’s a town in Ireland – abb you cant be a town or for a change you’re??


  6. Ok, So this is how it goes.

    Dingles are representation of humans in Dingle Days, only. Dingles are non-existent in real life, if someone claims to be one then that is only normal. But do not believe them to
    be Dingles in reality.
    About the population of Dingles, they are much less than Humans since one Dingle will
    represent more than one human in sense of feelings.

    And about everyone else being a Dingle and you being not, rest assured, you’ll be a Dingle too if everyone else is.

  7. yah tu discrete maths ka koi sawaal lag raha hay 😛

  8. Would that they were existent in real life. You have broken many hearts by saying this. Sighs

  9. Asma: maths ka naam na lo yahan

    GH: sach to karwa hi hota hai,and if the hearts got broken then ,let it be, the truth would have eventually surfaced later on and would have become a reason for heart break with a feeling of betrayal.

  10. quite philosophical. question. is the dingle male or female?

  11. Jap: this is easy, Dingles are Unisex

  12. so how do they reproduce? does that make them bisexual then? lol

  13. i just remembered, i’ve read from the past dingle days that there exists a ‘mom’ dingle. how do you explain that?! ha! got you! lol

  14. Unisex:the state or condition of not being distinguishable (as by hair or clothing) as to sex.

    I rest my case.

  15. But that doesn’t answer how they reproduce =/

  16. Forget about the reproduction Jap.

    Dingles are representation of human beings,and not actually humans,so they do not need to reproduce.

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