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Six Legged Human


Q:What kind of a human being has six legs?

A: A man on a horse.


Author: Hani

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8 thoughts on “Six Legged Human

  1. why have i never thought of that? LoL

  2. lalalalalalal here’s another

    A boy and his dad were seriously injured in a car accident. they bought them both to the hospital, the boy needed an immediate surgery, however the surgoen remarked “I can’t operate on the boy, he’s my son”

    How is that possible
    I’ll check back to see the answers

  3. ok mayya,

    1. A boy and his father refers to the doctors father.
    so the child was the grandson of the person who was in the car with him.

    Thanks people for liking the post.

  4. mayya – she was his mother … that was easy 😛

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