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With Ramadan in full flow all the consumers have taken the onslaught on FMCGs and have seemed
to have become united on deciding the day for doing their groceries.


Items laden trolleys move in all directions and no particular order or mannerisms are seen working during the purchasing rush. It is about time that all these big hypermarkets decide on
managing the movement of the people , by adding traffic lights, roundabouts etc in the aisles.
What would add to the fun?

Traffic Police.

Anyhow before a decision is taken on the chaos management we will shift our focus on to some order in specific, a tune.

I had gotten hold of Rough Cut ( Hadiqa Kiyanis’ english album) from Pakistan and have taken an
extreme liking for the song Come Lay Down . I like the song because of its eastern instrumentation
accents and a very MTV unplugged sound.

The link to where you can listen to the song is given below.



Author: Hani

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7 thoughts on “Chaos

  1. LoL@traffic lights on hypermarket aisles, so true!

    An English album from your homeland! I’m interested =) Hani, may I borrow it when you come back here at the office? I’ll just rip it then give it back to you, will take 10mins at most. Please? =)

  2. i thought the category ‘wow’ meant WithOut Wisdom!
    Don’t you think this blog needs an update?

  3. GH:WOW on my blog would mean Words of Wisdom.
    I will update the blog with the tag next.

    Jap: AAAH! Copyright infringement !!
    You can listen to all the album (as much as you like) on the website
    on which I gave the link for the song Come Lay Down.
    And as per your own words I am patriotic so how will I let rights of artists be mangled?

  4. The website doesn’t work on my PC. At least one song? Pretty please?

  5. jst stopping by to tell u that i am still alive
    hehhehehehe 😛

  6. Jap: I’ll see what can be done

    Khawab: Nice to know

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