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Sbarro, I am beginning to hate you.

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My expectations with Sbarro were greatly thrashed with the 2nd trial of their food.What made me make this post is when I tried their food for the 3rd time as a dine-in customer. Gone are the china ware plates to be replaced by disposable foam ones, and as a right compliment to those foam plates were the plastic forks and knives.

The food being as it was (un-tasty), the atmosphere was not comfortable either , the cooling system was not working properly .The lighting is dim giving a feeling of oldness. I think the current owners are playing around with the ingredients because the taste of the current Sbarro fails to “tantalize” my taste buds.


I was never a haagen-dazs fan but when I had their stick “ cookies and cream” in Lahore, I quite enjoyed it. Coming back to Qatar upon seeing a Haagen Dazs outlet it hit me that I never had their milk shake and decided to go for it. When I saw the milk that the staff used I got a feeling on how the taste was going to be. The milkshake tasted exactly like the food that is charged with a higher price validated by the HEALTHY name tag.

I haven’t given up on Sbarro yet,since my brand loyalty is kicking in.

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One thought on “Sbarro, I am beginning to hate you.

  1. here all the dine in places have styrofoam plates, plastic spoons etc. and even styrofoam cups! and I HATE it! I miss eating in China! :s
    I think ben and jerry’s is better than haagen daaz.

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