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Food (and drink) Awards


First of all I would like to say that these names which are to come will be familiar to people living in Qatar and wouldn’t be pertinent for other country readers. For my comment on restaurants in Pakistan, scroll down.

Secondly, these awards that I am giving are based on my current taste.

Chicken: Santa fe by Hardees.
Red Meat: Big Tasty by McDonalds.
Fish:Grilled Fish Hammour by Hardees.

New York’s Finest by Yellow Cab Pizza.

Falafel: BARBAR
Shawarma: currently there are no shawarma joints that I consider good.

Pralines n’ Cream by Baskin Robbins

Praline Pleasure by Baskin Robbins.

I did not go around much restaurants in Pakistan in order to enable me to have awards for them.
Although, I can say that best Pizzas are at Frangoz.
My favourite restaurant remains Cafe Zouk.
I liked Cafe Aylanto’s service the most until I ate at Arizona Grill.
Had Marble Stones mint chocolate shake was cool.

My next trip to Lahore would enable me to give food awards for those restaurants.


Author: Hani

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4 thoughts on “Food (and drink) Awards

  1. baha I’m the best person to give awards for restaurants in Lahore!!!
    Arizona grill ka khana SUCKS!
    Aylanto Rocks!
    I haven’t eaten in zouk in ages!
    you MUST try Freddys ki high tea!
    CTC for bakery stuff! Try their peanut butter brownies

  2. I was talking about the service in Arizona Grill.
    CTC,there the coffee was not good at all.

  3. Yaar I think for Fish Burger you just can’t beat Burger King’s Fish burger.

    You should also try Roasters next time. I don’t know whether they have it in Lahore or not though.

    Wait, you forgot Chinese food. I want to propose a nominee for that. Dynasty in Avari (Karachi).

  4. oh I thought burger king wasn’t there in Pk, what about hardees is it available there?

    Burger kings fish burger is alright too.

    and Iam not a fan of chinese food.

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