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 There are certain things, which I do not understand.

Bugged Up: What almost infuriates me is how the non-conventional artists are treated in Pakistan. I had to roam around all of Fortress to search for the Sajid and Zeeshan and the Coven CD since I was told that I could find any CD I want from Fortress but I still couldn’t and what I heard from a shopkeeper was that “These type of CD’s are on limited production which are taken by a few hands, and then the production run does not happen again”.

Why is there no demand for such CD’s?

Anyhow, I got the Sajid and Zeeshan CD from Liberty but I still couldn’t get hold of Co-ven.

Criticism: Atif Aslam is criticized on his singing style. Fine, but at least his pronunciation is correct. Why are artists like Shakira, Enrique accepted even if they do not properly pronounce the words of the language (English) they sing in. International artists are popular because of the support that is given to them by the media and their general public. If we do not listen to our artists or respect them they will not be able to rise to fame. We have over emphasized Indian media. I am not saying to stop listening to Indian songs but rather not to forget our own artists in the process. As far as I noticed during my stay I didn’t hear one ringtone on a mobile phone of a Pakistani song all I heard were Indian movie song ring tones. Are the songs being made by Pakistani artists not melodious enough?

Leave everything and answer this question:

Say, you are a Pakistani visiting Dubai and you are wondering what to do in the evening When you find out that there are two concerts tonight. Both concerts have the same timings . One concert is of Ahmad Jehanzeb and the other of Sonu Nigam. Which concert will you go to?

Feel Guilty?




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  1. Dubai is the Paradise on the Erth

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