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Saying Days


and guilt often leads to silence.

(lest the guilt is admitted)

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Author: Hani

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8 thoughts on “Saying Days

  1. I will agree with the first sentence only

  2. but you have to agree to one more thing
    I have a lot of guilty readers.

  3. Everyone is guilty of something or the other…. WOW 🙂

  4. zag aap to lagta hai kuch zyada hi guilty hain.

    Trying to advocate guilt.

  5. Hani beta i am just stating a fact.

  6. and my comment on guilt was a p.s. to my previous post relating to the sonu nigam and ahmed jehanzeb concert comparison.

  7. ..and silence sometimes leads to dont stop yourself from saying what needs to be said..

  8. Sarah: I say what comes to my mind, different people,different kind of sharing in the end you can relieve
    yourself by saying it out .

    Welcome to Life Manual

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