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Life Update


Ever since Aag Tv and The Muzik started to come up on my tv screen I’ve been spending lesser time using the Internet, since most of the time on the Internet was spent reading about news in the Pakistani Music scene. Although, the news aspect of Pakistani Music is unbeaten, viewing music videos online has been replaced by watching videos on TV.

<!–[endif]–>Spending lesser time on the Internet has also affected my blogging routine, i.e not going to the blogs which I used to visit everyday. But also my readership has taken a big turn downwards; it’s been hardly the same ever since mid 2007.


My weight, I finally have plans to control it and reduce it by taking up cycling, hoping to buy one by next week. The evening traffic in Qatar does not allow safe cycling on the roads so my cycling would be limited to early weekend mornings.

After avoiding camera phones for a very long time, I got a new camera phone.My excuse for not buying a camera phone was that I couldn’t destroy pictures which would have turned out lovely with my Canon which to this date is still true and what is also true is that I have wasted money for paying for a feature which I will not use much.


Author: Hani

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2 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. i rmr the days of camera rolls when u had to be stringent on clicking that button. now we have multiple exposures and digital this and that. taking pics have become for granted, and hence lost their value. since digicams came up, ive retired my canon eos slr and also retired the photographer in me.
    now 8 out of the ten pic i take with my digicam or fone end u deleted.
    so which camfone u got?

  2. You are right about the value of pictures but a good picture still holds its spot.

    A new post on my phone will be next.

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