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Kyon Pareshan hai TU


During my trip to Pakistan, I bought my first ever Junoon CD,  Azadi.

After all the Pakistani music which I hear everyday I got a feeling of how plain the
instrumentation for most Junoons songs were.

And similarly my ears grabbed the simple written captioned song

Good work Junoon.


Author: Hani

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6 thoughts on “Kyon Pareshan hai TU

  1. What is meant by plain instrumentation?

    By blog is up again. follow the URL i have left here.

  2. plain means that there was a tabla and a lead guitar with a bass guitar. They didn’t have 2 or 3 guitar sounds coming out at one time.

  3. Correct.

    Junoon’s all albums are amazing. My all-times-favorite. When i am not listening to anything i listen junoon. Sadly, the group members parted their ways otherwise there would have been more of Junoon. I am waiting for Ali’s second solo album which is due in a couple of months.

    By the way, why did you use to suck sharpener? I wonder your teacher never noticed it.

  4. because the sharpner tasted tangy and
    of course the sucking sharpner was not done in front of the teacher

  5. JUNOON what BAND… nice to see junoonies out there

  6. I don’t come under the category of Junoonies actually,because my liking for Junoons music does not match the fervor I have for other Pakistani bands or artists for that matter.

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