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Terminology Corrupted


I despise the term paki to use as  a replacment for Pakistani because it is just simply wrong.
We can always use the right short form for Pakistani which is Pak i.e Pak Fauj for the Pakistani Army etc.

Pak ,sounds refined and well defined, I’ve seen a number of Pakistanis using the wrong terminology and as a result even foreigners are using the wrong word for saying Pakistani

Make  a difference.


Author: Hani

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4 thoughts on “Terminology Corrupted

  1. Difference:

    Paki – i = Pak

    I made it … i made it … hurray :p

  2. paki sounds 3rd class slutty na? but see…we do use Pak for short when talking about Pakistan – the country.
    paki is used when refering to the people and other paki common nouns.
    obv, u cant use paki army, paki navy, paki airlines! just as much as u cant us pak food, pak store etc.

    but i still think paki sounds cheap…but then again….whose fault? 😛

  3. our own fault. Can’t we make an exception for just one word and mention the full term rather than a derogative word?

    And as far as using pak with food, with usage comes normalcy too.

    How do you think a book got named a book or any word for that matter.

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