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Teri Perchaian

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I never carefully noticed the video for Ali Azmats Teri Perchaian until recently and all of a sudden I am considering to be the best music video ever made in Pakistan. Directed by Zeeshan Parvez it is an animated video and it manages to touch your heart and soul . The sequence at 3:57 just squeezes the heart and makes a tear jump off from the corner of the eye.

The director incorporates the senses of sight , sound and TOUCH (most beautiful utilization) in the character and as repercussions to those senses the character experiences a range of emotions fear,joy sadness etc.The overall feel which looms at large is that of loss.The whole city is shown devastated and the only human being left alive is the main character
( is this where the shots of I am Legend trailers came from?)

The video also has what is probably the biggest mystery of life Kismet. The boy being unable to accomplish what he wants to from his actions . Story no.1 ends with the boy finding hope and is seen living in the moment with what he has rather than what he has lost.

But it doesn’t mean that the video has a happy ending because there is a part 2 of the video in which the girl takes influence from the storybook which she is reading .Apparently story no.1 turns out to be a storybook that has been put in visualization for us. The point forwarded here, is how(inadvertently) what we read and watch, influences our minds and makes it biased. This is shown when the girl wants to jump in the swimming pool after reading the story (scene one from the boy sequence) and because she is young,she fails to understand that the boy in story no.1 makes the same move because he has lost everything he had.

Over all brilliant video with lots of things to learn and ponder over.

END NOTE: Be careful what you expose yourself to, it could influence you the wrong way.

Watch the video here:

Ali Azmat-Teri Perchaian


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